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Reclaimed Timber Style

Reclaimed Lumber, also known as barn wood, is lumber that has originated from old barns, primarily from the midwest of the U.S. This weathered, recycled wood has varying degrees of texture, thickness, nail holes and saw marks. These "imperfections" give each piece of wood character, distinction and also gives a sense of history.  The craftsmen typically hand pick the lumber because each piece is different based on its origin, and each home has its own unique style. Reclaimed wood is intensely strong and durable and is carefully crafted  to make each home distinctive.  Due to its rich color, reclaimed wood adds the elements of warmth and depth to its structures. Because reclaimed wood is so strong, it is virtually indestructable.  Please browse some of the homes that Crested Butte Builders has created utilizing reclaimed lumber:

Hidden River
Rock Creek Townhomes
Roaring Judy South
Moon Ridge
Aspen Lane