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About our Team

Jeff Dixon:

With degrees in Physics and Biochemistry and loads of common sense, Jeff is a prized talent.  He has a tireless work ethic, is multi-skilled and can lead our crews through any project.  Jeff started building at 17 with his uncle who was a general contractor where Jeff say he "caught the bug ... and never lost it." Jeff analyzes plans in a hearbeat and he is unbelievably creative.  Jeff loved managing the Ambush Ranch project, but the Fialkoff job showed off his resourcefulness. 

Jon Yoder:

What a craftsmen This guy is "hands down" the best timber framer in the County.   He ha been doing log work for about 15 years.  There are others with his skills, but they don't have his strength or creativity.  Yoder can be a team all by himself, but he loves working with Dixon and the rest of the crew.  He particularly liked working with Dorothy Budd (Ambush Ranch) on her fine projects like custom hutches, stands and one incredible diningroom table.

Gordy Spencer: 

We don't believe anyone in this town has the finish woodworking experience as Gordy has.  Gordy's craftsmanship career started in Rhode Island rebuilding and restoring yachts. "Finishing wooden boats requires serious precision and there can be life or death consequences" as Gordy put it. Gordy's talents are endless, and he has run all of the drills in construction from laborer to project manager, and from working with other construction companies to running his own. But he loves working with CBB because "we have a top notch crew." Even still, Gordy is a fantastic teacher & role model. Gordy loved working on Jerri Brown's and Tom Biery's in Moon Ridge. He also has great affection for Nick & Murry Chirekos.

Butch Hegeman:  

Butch brings a wealth of experience including his own business of building contemporary fine furniture and extensive experience with other builders. Butch grew up in Crested Butte and has studied sculpture, furniture and design in Washington and Snowmass. He appreciates working with Crested Butte Builders because "we have a great crew and consistent work." He says that he can use his creativity and initiative at CBB.

Chris Miller:

Chris is our carpenter apprentice and professional photographer, and owner of Miller Perspectives. [Note the photos throughout this website.]  It helps that Chris is an amazingly strong athlete to help him keep up with the rest of the crew.  Chris says that he is proud of his progress and to "keep his bags on and slam up walls with the pros." We think Chris summed up Crested Butte Builders with this sentence: "Crested Butte is a ski town and people up hammers to make it work, but Crested Butte Builders is made up of passionate tradesmen.

Kim Antonucci:  

Kim's experience with land use planning, permitting, legal research and database management has been a real bonus for Crested Butte Builders. As a small business consultant, she understands the importance of streamlining, communication and marketing and she has been instrumental in developing the brand for Crested Butte Builders.  Johnny says "Kim  cuts through the red tape with a machete (but she doesn't often wear a short skirt with a long jacket). You can contact her directly at www.antonucci-consulting.com

The craftsmen of Crested Butte Builders are dedicated to bringing you the best customer service by creating your finely crafted homes from unique, natural or antique materials. Your home will have a distinctive style that is reflected by your choices with the guidance of Crested Butte Builders.  The journey will be fun and rewarding! Come live the experience with Crested Butte Builders. Please browse our portfolio, and call Johnny today at 970.209.3261.

"Johnny and his team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. As first time homebuilders we had no experience and lots of questions. Johnny handled every detail, helping us to create the space that we wanted. He and his team are thoughtful, innovative and very efficient. Our requests were always met with a "can do" attitude. We were rewarded with the house that is exactly as we imagined. We highly recommend CB Builders." -Homeowner, Hidden River Ranch

"After interviewing several builders who had been recommended to us by our architect and others in town, we selected Johnny Biggers and Crested Butte Builders to build our new house in Crested Butte. Not only did we like his approach to the project, we knew from our first meeting with Johnny that we could work well together. As second home owners, we were not able to be on site during the process, and the communication was excellent. The quality, finish, and craftsmanship was excellent, as were all of the subcontractors we worked with. We had such a good experience with Johnny that upon completion of our house, we immediately hired him to do a complete restoration of a 1890's log cabin in town. I guess that speaks volumes about Johnny, the quality of work he does and the enjoyment we had throughout the process." - Nora and Scott Murray.