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Featured - Ambush Tackle Shed

The owners, having a deep respect and love for the Brush Creek riparian area, wanted to experience the pristine beauty of their land without damaging it.   An accessory building to the Ambush Ranch cabin and barn, the Tackle Shed is a  structure that provides cover for fishers and hikers venturing down by Brush Creek. But this is no regular Tackle Shed.  It is built from Reclaimed Timbers that were flown in by helicopter to preserve the pristine wetland.  It took about six hours to fly in the beams and concrete.  The helicopter pilot was spot on with the loads, dropping them within six inches of target, and the experts from CB Builders guided the buckets and beams into place.  A remarkable sight to see, and an adrenaline rush for those on the ground with the helicopter above with several thousand pounds to handle!  Rampart Helicopter Service were true professionals and had done this sort of thing a time or two before!

For now, peruse the adventure of the build.  Pictures of the Tackle Shed will come. 

The pictures show some of the planning involved with the mobilization of the materials, which needed to be weighed and bundled for each helicopter transport, which were then dropped in a specific order for the build.  Jon Yoder of CB Builders directed the guys on safety and strategy. The guys worked efficiently and quickly.  Yoder communicated with Johnny at the staging area and with the helicopter in the air to ensure smooth deliveries.  It truly was an amazing  choregraphy of talent.